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Defining “Spatula”

A Texas listener recounts an ongoing debate in her family’s kitchen over the exact definition of the word spatula. Is it the kitchen tool used to spread icing and level measuring cups? Something you use to flip a pancake? That item with the...


buttering  n.— «Spread a layer of mortar on the bottom of the opening like you’d spread butter on bread. In fact, the process is called buttering. Do the same to the top and sides of the replacement brick and slide it carefully into the...


How do you pronounce eco, as in eco-friendly? Is it EE-koe or EK-koe? A seller of environmentally friendly products learns whether she can tell her teenage son to go spread his pronunciation in the garden. This is part of a complete episode.

hair on it

hair on it  v. phr.— «M&T Bank also said the investors who buy the bank’s mortgage debt are taking advantage of contractual clauses to force M&T to buy loans back, sometimes because of payment defaults. The bank set aside $6...