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Weeds Widow

Jeannie in Spring Branch, Texas, says her grandmother, who far outlived her husband, described herself as a weeds widow. Since this term is extremely rare, it’s possible her grandmother conflated the terms widows weeds and grass widow. The...

Capitalizing Seasons

Don’t capitalize names of seasons unless they’re part of a proper noun, such as Summer Olympics or Spring Formal. Unlike the names of months and days of the week, seasons aren’t eponymous, meaning they don’t derive from...

trophy jacket

trophy jacket
 n.— «Embellished, beaded, military or brocade—trophy jackets are spring/summer 2009’s mush have fashion piece.» —“Trophy Jackets” Vogue.com Spring/Summer, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


riffed  adj.—Gloss: Laid off via a reduction in force (RIF). «TUSD rehires 88% of riffed teachers […] Last spring TUSD gave pink slips to 562 teachers.  This summer it rehired 498 of them.» —“TUSD rehires 88% of riffed...