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 adj.— «She is not skugly, she’s Scrumtrelescent!» —“Re: Victoria is skugly” by Squad_3670 Usenet: rec.sport.pro-wrestling Feb. 25, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


wags  n.pl.— «She’s got plenty of time to become as polished, pretty and vacant as the WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of the rest of the England squad – why make her clone up any faster than she needs to?» —“Telly gets a sporting...

racing axe

racing axe  adj.— «Detective Inspector Steve Francis, of the homicide squad, said the Keesteel brand axe was referred to as a racing axe and had been designed for competition woodchopping.» —“Family’s plea on slain...

tools of ignorance

tools of ignorance  n.— «Leroy Zimmerman, star local high school graduate, will perform on the mound for the Corpe squad with Max Purcell donning the tools of ignorance to handle his slants.» —“Breadmen to Face...

blend team

blend team  n.— «That will pretty much provide a wide spectrum of countries that Indian will have played versus before reaching Athens. Apart from the above, India have already played Australia, South Korea and Malaysia (some, though, by a...

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