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An Ear for Wine

Creative communication in a noisy world! Writing a clever 140-character tweet isn’t easy. But you know what’s even more impressive? Working all 26 letters of the alphabet into just one sentence! The term for that type of sentence is...


If your name is too difficult for the employees at Starbucks to accurately write on the side of a coffee cup, we suggest you take on a coffee-nym. Can’t go wrong with Elvis. This is part of a complete episode.


cannibalizing  n.— «More worryingly, the conglomerate is continuing its use of a business practice known as “cannibalising,” whereby new stores are opened in close proximity to existing branches. The intention of this is that...

teaser parking

teaser parking  n.— «In one corner of the project, typically, there’s a Main Street for smaller mall stores, boutiques and Starbucks. Some have offices or condos upstairs. The street is lined with what’s called “teaser parking”...


ghetto-latte  n.— «The “ghetto-latte” is ordering any size Iced Americano, with no water and half ice (This lady’s drink is an Iced Venti, no water, half ice, Americano). She then takes the drink and goes to the condiments bar...


Fivebucks n. Starbucks, an American retail chain of coffee shops. Editorial Note: Common variants are Threebucks, Fourbucks, and Sixbucks. Much rarer are Sevenbucks and Eightbucks. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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