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Outer Space Pangram

Many of the top entries in Wordsmith.org’s pangram contest had to do with science, including this one: In Kuiper belt, Pluto is judged as dwarf planet, vexing the status quo by making size count. This is part of a complete episode.


The term less-than, often written in quotation marks, is an increasingly common way to denote status inequality, especially when it comes to gender. This is part of a complete episode.

Use of First-Person Singluar

Contrary to what you might think, new research by psychologist James Pennebaker suggests that people who use the pronoun I a lot actually tend to occupy the lower status in a conversation. In addition, Pennebaker and his associates found that people...

fur baby

fur baby  n.— «The comparative review of recent history to the present, and the changing status of dogs from living outside the home as working dogs on farms and as guard dogs, or serving as a distraction for the children in the family and...

desire line

desire line  n.— «Note long ago, a friend told me about an intriguing concept called “desire lines.” It seems that when landscape architects lay out walking paths and trails in parks and other public spaces, they invariably...

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