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Playful Regional Food Names

Dining on a budget? Just whip up some necessity mess or a potato bargain. That’s a pork, onion, and potato stew popular in Eastern Massachusetts. Or how about some Georgia ice cream? It’s a North Florida term for grits. Martha shares a...

Graveyard Stew

A Charlottesville, Virginia, caller says that when she was a child and recovering from an illness, her mother fed her a kind of milk toast she called graveyard stew. Is that strange name unique to her family? This is part of a complete episode.

in-law chaser

in-law chaser  n.— «Navajo tea/blue corn meal and quiet nights/where is the sage/the mutton stew/in-law chasers/and cool rain.» —“a navajo warrior has gone away” by rustywire Usenet: alt.native July 12, 2005...

chicken a-la-death

chicken a-la-death  n.— «While perennial favorites like spaghetti and beef stew please most palates, old classics have fallen out of favor—like Chicken a-la-King, affectionately called by some Chicken a-la-Death.» —“Grub, chow...