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meeting  n.— «As dating became less and less formal, the “-ting” ending was used to describe these new styles of courtship. The dating format began changing in the 1970s, with university students who felt stifled by the old...

shoichi puroburemu

shoichi puroburemu  n.— «The term shoichi puroburemu (first-grade students’ problems) was coined to refer to the situation as most of the students who cause trouble are those who cannot adapt to their new surroundings.» —“Schools...

double-f school

double-f school n. a school which has received two failing grades from state agencies in four years, permitting its students a choice of attending other, better schools. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


187  n.— «She later added, the students in question write “187” about him. It’s street lingo for a homicide.» —“School Fights Lead to Arrest of Students” by Ryan Wolf KGBT-TV (Harlingen, Tex.) Apr...