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Monday is Longer than Tuesday

A listener remembers her mother used to say, “Your Monday is longer than your Tuesday.” This phrase offered a subtle way to notify someone that her slip was showing. Other expressions convey that warning as well, including “Monday...

Sunday Throat

Your dining companion suddenly starts choking. Once his coughing subsides, he exclaims, “Whew! Something when down my Sunday throat!” Sunday throat? Martha explains this odd expression. This is part of a complete episode.

boss lift

boss lift  n.— «Local cavalry troopers doing annual training at the National Guard’s Camp Minden this week and next will get unusual inspections Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, they’ll get the once-over from their bosses in what the...


monging  n.— «Private sunday sessions or monging out down at the pub, sometimes sitting round getting stoned with a free-for-all on my decks.» —“Re: UMR.Manchester…“ by Simon O’Connor Usenet: uk.music.rave May 22...