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Noctivagant Vespertilians

Noctivagant people are those who wander the night, and vespertilian folks have bat-like qualities. Add these to “shirtless” as poignant ways to describe a vampire. This is part of a complete episode.

near the flagpole

near the flagpole  adv.— «He explains Clem’s presence with an old military saying: “Even though you’re out of the military, you want to stay near the flagpole.”» —“The Blue Soldier: Supernatural Encounters in Fort...


stiff  v.— «If Santana’s follow-up to the 14-times-platinum Supernatural clicks, Davis, who helped steer this project as well, gets props; if it stiffs, he won’t take the fall, since it’s on his old label, Arista.» —“Power...

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