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Snuba is a portmanteau — a combination of snorkel and scuba — and refers to snorkeling several feet underwater while breathing through a long hose that’s attached to an air supply float on a raft. This is part of a complete episode.

straight lining

straight lining  n.— «Although the city sometimes pulls meters to thwart the most egregious offenders, these water thieves use a method called straight lining to keep the water running. They insert a pipe that taps into the supply line...

cubital tunnel syndrome

cubital tunnel syndrome  n.— «Orthopedic specialists around the globe are seeing the worldwide strike of a new condition known as cubital tunnel syndrome (commonly called cell phone elbow) that can potentially cause long-term nerve damage...


wall-cross  v.— «Wells Fargo wanted to be among one of the first banks to get to the market before fund managers and investors became overwhelmed by the supply of stock. Being first also carried the risk that the offering could be too big...

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