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Episode 1570

Cool Beans

If you speak a second or third language, you may remember the first time you dreamed in that new tongue. But does this milestone mean you’re actually fluent? And a couple’s dispute over the word regret: Say you wish you’d been able...

Traditional Southern Names

Long live Southern names! Classics like Henry Ritter Emma Ritter Dema Ritter Sweet Potatoe Creamatartar Caroline Bostick go way back, but the tradition is still alive and well. This is part of a complete episode.

Books on Onomastics

Many common English surnames–such as Taylor, Miller, Shoemaker, Smith, and many others–tell a story about life in the Middle Ages. Two good books on the study of names, also known as onomastics, are The Surname Detective and a Dictionary...

Pronouncing Bagel

A 14 yr-old teenager pronounces the word bagel as BEH-gul, rather than BAY-gul. Her family thinks she’s crazy. Who’s right? This is part of a complete episode.