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Go Bananas

A caller wonders if she’s being hypersensitive about the way her boss addresses her in emails. Can the use of an employee’s first name ever reflect a power differential? And: a community choir director wants a term for “the act of...

Sleep Like a Log

The Swahili phrase nililala fofofo means “to sleep really well.” Literally, though, it translates as “to sleep like a log.” Are the English and Swahili idioms related? This is part of a complete episode.


unbwogable  adj.— «If you were in Kenya during the elections you would certainly have discovered that Kenyan Swahili got a new word into the vocabulary: “unbwogable.” The rap song “Can you bwogo me?” by the Luo...


tajaki  n.— «Graziano has been praised for working to bring together the school and community with local partnerships and areawide events. Three years ago, he introduced a concept called Tajaki, which is a Swahili word that means...

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