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Swinging Statues

The children’s game of frozen statues putting players in awkward poses, which they must then hold for a while. This outdoor pastime has many variations and goes by many names, including falling statues, swinging statues, squat-where-you-be, statue...

Get out of My Bathtub

Why do we say “get out of my bathtub” when we’re in sync on a playground swing with the person next to us? Listeners suggest that maybe it’s because you’re swinging “in sink.” This is part of a complete...

Swinging in Sync

What do you say to the person next to you on the swings who’s in sync with you? How about, “Get out of my bathtub!” This is part of a complete episode.

Baseball Wheelhouse

If something is in your wheelhouse, it’s well within your area of expertise. According to the Dickson Baseball Dictionary, the term wheelhouse refers to swinging a bat when the ball is right in your crush zone. This is part of a complete...

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