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Another Lockdown Haiku

Artist Alan Nakagawa’s project involving haikus about social distancing includes a funny take on just how blurred boundaries can become while under lockdown. This is part of a complete episode.

Caster Sugar

Eben, a chef in Lummi Bay, Washington, who blogs about food at UrbanMonique, is curious about the term caster sugar, which denotes sugar less fine than powdered sugar, but less coarse than the regular table variety. The name caster sugar derives...

Application Over Appetizer

Nick Greene, web editor for The Village Voice, tweeted, “Modern society’s greatest failing has been letting Application defeat Appetizer in the War For What Can Be Called an App.” There’s always antipasti. This is part of a...


When wine drinkers swirl their glass and watch those streaks coming down, they say they’re looking at the legs. But the German term kirchenfenster, meaning “church windows,” makes a great substitute because of the arches of church...