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Episode 1503

Piping Hot

The game of baseball has alway inspired colorful commentary. Sometimes that means using familiar words in unfamiliar ways. The word stuff, for example, can refer to a pitcher’s repertoire, to the spin on a ball, or what happens to the ball...

Episode 1548

Yak Shaving

There was a time when William Shakespeare was just another little seven-year-old in school. Classes in his day were demanding — and all in Latin. A new book argues that this rigorous curriculum actually nurtured the creativity that later flourished...

Taco de Ojo

In Spanish, taco de ojo literally means “taco of the eye,” but in Mexican slang, it’s the equivalent of English eye candy, or someone who’s very nice to look at. This is part of a complete episode.

fire in the hole

fire in the hole  n.— «The prank, known as “fire in the hole,” has become common in the past year. It happened July 25 to fast-food worker Jessica Ceponis at the drive-through of the Taco Bell in Merritt Island, about 50 miles...


stumpbreak  v.— «What did Lee Corso do? He performed what is known in Morgantown as a “stumpbreaking.” He just stumpbroke Slaton and White’s Heisman(eer) chances. Corso basically said “I’m the man, let me Repeat, I am the man. Got my...


avatarsment  n.— «Three “virtual consumer actors” will appear as talking avatars in a :30 spot for Taco Bell’s “Fourthmeal,” a clever new term for the fare you grub between dinner and breakfast. (You may know it...

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