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Celebrate National Grammar Day

Hey, everybody! This past weekend's show was our tribute to National Grammar Day, which is Tuesday, March 4th. Among other things, we talked about "booby trap," the food dish "turkey Manhattan," "lock, stock, and...


lift  n.— «One consulting firm he knew of lost a bid to help an airline modernize its ticketing process when it revealed its ignorance of the term “lift,” common parlance in the industry for tickets.» —“Not-So-Small...

suicide lane

suicide lane  n.— «If you happen to be one of those drivers that tools down Ga. 85 in the center of Fayetteville, there is a lane smack in the middle of the road I refer to as “the suicide lane.”…I believe its purpose is to provide...

bust on someone

bust on someone
 v. phr.— «We kinda bust on him—a little kidding, a little convincing.» —“Sports Talk” by John Brennan The Record (New Jersey) Feb. 1, 1991. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


berry  n.— «Berries – Lobster eggs. Conscientious, law-abiding lobstermen will gently return a berried female back to the water after V-notching her tail, indicating to others that she’s a valuable resource. Her 10,000 or so eggs...

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