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“Tang” Menu Mystery Solved

In a previous episode, we came upon a word mystery in a 1947 menu from Jackson, Mississippi, that mentions tang. The mystery has been solved! It wasn’t the drink, and it wasn’t the fish; it was Cudahy Tang, one of over a hundred knockoff...

“Tang” Mystery is Solved!

There have been three brand-new episodes broadcast recently. Did you catch them? • Three weeks ago, it was Shank of the Evening, in which we talked about sports nicknames, flounder vs. founder, Laundromats vs. washaterias, Black Dutch...

Tang as a Main Course

Everyone knows about Tang as that orange kick in a glass, but could it also be an entree? A listener from Plano, Texas, found an elderly relative’s plan for family meals from 1947, which lists “tang with molasses” as a main course...


 n.— «Called up my cuddie for the spark/And he told me Gully Barbecue later on at the Crest Park.» —“PSD Tang & O.J. lyrics” LyricSeek Nov. 11, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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