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splash and dash

splash and dash  n.— «But the law did not anticipate “splash and dash”—a loophole in the system. This practice involves bringing a tanker of biodiesel made elsewhere, usually Indonesia or Malaysia, to the United States, adding...


B-train  n.— «According to the police summary of facts, at 6.57pm on October 8 Harrison was driving a fully laden truck and two articulated trailers—commonly known as a B-train—and was travelling west on SH29, Tauriko, towards the Kaimai...

tanker yanker

tanker yanker  n.— «The next day, company tanker truck drivers or “tanker yankers” line up their vehicles, preparing for a five-hour run to supply fuel to Camp Webster, near the town of Al-Asad.» —“Risk &...

tanker yanker

tanker yanker  n.— «There was every sort of truck you could imagine—”rooster cruisers” (produce haulers), “tanker yankers” (oil tankers), “bed buggers” (removal lorries), “stick haulers”...

tanker yanker

tanker yanker
 n.— «Aka “Slick,” The Tanker Yanker from Leamen.» —“Re: where do truckers access Internet??” by Ryan Usenet: misc.transport.trucking Nov. 28, 1995. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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