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Golf Parents

After our conversation about helicopter parents, who hover closely over their children, and the Danish term curling foraeldre, or “curling parents,” who sweep away problems ahead of their children, much like people sweeping the ice in...

Stuff in Baseball

Sarah from Leyden, Massachusetts, wonders about the many ways baseball commentators and sportswriters use the word stuff, as in “The stuff is there, but the command is off,” or “The kid’s got great stuff, but he’s only...

Hang A Snowman

In baseball, to hang a snowman is to score eight runs in one inning, inspired by the shape of the numeral 8. This is part of a complete episode.

Latin Terms for Modern Words

The Vatican has a long list of new Latin terms invented to denote things in the modern world, such as umbrella descensoria (“parachute) and ludus follis ovati (literally, “oval ball inflated with wind,” otherwise known as rugby)...

Baseball Bunt

The bunt, that deliberately short hit in baseball, was long interchangeable with butt, as in two rams butting heads. This is part of a complete episode.

Adept vs. Deft

What is the difference between “adept” and “deft”? It’s similar to that between mastery and artistry. “Adept” often describes a person, as in, “Messi is adept at dribbling a soccer ball.”...