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Hang A Snowman

In baseball, to hang a snowman is to score eight runs in one inning, inspired by the shape of the numeral 8. This is part of a complete episode.

Not Quite Cricket

“Not quite cricket” means not proper, substandard, or perhaps even illegal. The phrase is a reference to the world’s second most popular sport, cricket, and derives from the 19th-century notion that the “Spirit of the...

Baseball Bunt

The bunt, that deliberately short hit in baseball, was long interchangeable with butt, as in two rams butting heads. This is part of a complete episode.


simming  n.—Gloss: From “simulating.” «It took a room full of networked computers called a “render farm” to do in about 14 months what would have taken a single machine 16 years: churn out digital scenes precisely modeled after...


flugtag  n.— «More than 30 human-powered aircraft designs will take part in Red Bull’s Flugtag competition on Aug. 3, behind the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau. It’s part air-show spectacle and part Jackass stunt. Flugtag is a...


head-topper  n.— «Players measuring 6-foot or taller roam the halls of at least five SWI schools, the head-topper being Council Bluffs Lewis Central.» —“SWI Volleyball Teams Blessed With Tall Talent” by John Fey Omaha...