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Pickle Seeder

Would you rather live in a world with no adjectives … or no verbs — and why? Also, who in the world is that director Alan Smithee [SMITH-ee] who made decades’ of crummy films? Turns out that if a movie director has his work wrested away...

I’ve Blinked Since Then

We recently spoke about the phrase “I’ve slept since then,” for “I don’t remember.” A Texas listener wrote to say that where she lives, the phrase is “I’ve blinked since then.” This is part of a complete...

White Noise

A Texas listener says her infant daughter is soothed by white noise. She’s curious as to why it’s called white noise instead of gray noise. This is part of a complete episode.

Defining “Spatula”

A Texas listener recounts an ongoing debate in her family’s kitchen over the exact definition of the word spatula. Is it the kitchen tool used to spread icing and level measuring cups? Something you use to flip a pancake? That item with the...

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