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Episode 1493

Gee and Haw

The highly specialized vocabulary of people who work outdoors, communicating with sled dogs, a word from the sport of rock-climbing, church key, browse line, smeuse, nitnoy, mommick, zawn, zwer, boom dog, and I think my pig is whistling. This...


The term nitnoy (sometimes spelled nit-noi) means a little bit, and most likely derives from a Thai term that means the same thing. This is part of a complete episode.

Thai Advice for Lovelorn

In Thailand, advice to the lovelorn can include a phrase that translates as “The land is not so small as a prune leaf.” It’s the same sentiment as “There are lots of fish in the sea.” This is part of a complete episode.

Thai Self-Reliance

The Thai have a wise saying about self-reliance that translates as “You must go to the restroom, the restroom won’t come to find you.” True that. This is part of a complete episode.

Episode 1417

Idiom’s Delight

A recent study found that some names crop up more frequently than others in certain professions. The name William is especially common among attorneys–and graphic designers include a higher-than-average number of Jessicas. Plus, picturesque...


co-munching  n.— «I realized that this combination of flavor and not-flavor is a Thai form of what I call “co-munching,” the act of deliberately chewing different foods together. A bite of pickle with your sandwich? You’re co-munching. A...