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Dankie op ‘n Plankie

In South Africa, a jocular rhyme that means “Thank you” is Dankie op ‘n plankie — literally, “Thank you on a board” or “Thank you on a plank.” This is part of a complete episode.

You’re Welcome

Why do some people not say “you’re welcome” in response to “thank you”? A Lantana, Texas, woman observes that during media interviews, people will often respond to a “thank you” by saying “thank...

Bump! Thank You M’am

Do you have a saying for when you drive over a bump and plop back down? In the Northeast, it’s common to say thank you, ma’am, since the nodding motion of a head going over a bump is reminiscent of genteel greetings. It’s also...


A caller from Princeton, Texas, remembers that after a satisfying meal, her late father used to push back from the table and say, “I am sufficiently suffonsified. Anything more would be purely obnoxious to my taste. No thank you.” What...