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Slammed Meaning Busy

A worker in Montgomery, Alabama, doctor’s office reports that when the office is extremely busy, she and her colleagues will say “We’re slammin‘” or “We’re slammed.” It’s a common expression in...

Clue Word Quiz

The board game Clue inspired this week’s puzzle from our Quiz Guy John Chaneski. It also inspired him to create an online petition to give Mrs. White a doctor’s degree. This is part of a complete episode.

Good Juju

Imagine a time when heroin was marketed for the whole family. It really happened! Also, how Twitter, M&M’s, and Hallmark cards got their names. Plus, restaurant slang, bad juju, having a wild hair, cutting to the quick, and use vs. utilize.

Doctor’s Appointment

Why do we say that we have a doctor’s appointment instead of an appointment with a doctor? After all, we don’t say we have accountant’s appointments or attorney’s appointments. This is part of a complete episode.