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Throw in the Towel

The phrase throw in the towel, meaning to give up, originated in the world of boxing. An earlier phrase from the same sport that carried the same metaphorical meaning is chuck in the sponge. This is part of a complete episode.

Throw Out the Baby with the Bathwater

A lecturer in business law in St. Cloud, Minnesota, is astonished to discover his students are unfamiliar with throw the baby out with the bathwater, meaning “to accidentally get rid of the good while getting rid of the bad.” You can...

Throw Your Hat Into the Room

To throw your hat into the room is to ascertain whether someone’s angry with you, perhaps stemming from the idea of tossing your hat in ahead of to see if someone shoots at it. Ronald Reagan used the expression this way when apologizing to...

Throw it Over the Hill

According to the Dictionary of Smoky Mountain English, the expression “throw it over the hill” means to get rid of something. In Appalachia, the phrase can also mean “wrap it up,” as in bring something to a close. This is...

Throw a Wobbly

To throw a wobbly means lose self-control in a panic or temper tantrum, or to cause consternation by acting in a surprising way. This is part of a complete episode.