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Cherry Bumps on a Swing

Jean in Thetford, Vermont, remembers using the term cherry bump to refer to that moment when part of a backyard swingset leaves the ground for a moment, then lands with a thump. Another term for it is cherry bomb, which can also be used for a...

A Creeper

The low, wheeled device that auto mechanics use to slide under a car is called a creeper. This is part of a complete episode.

tire buster

tire buster  n.— «Another thing that we’ve done is we’ve implemented emergency response teams and these guys are able to go out within 24 hours and address any hole that are sometimes referred to as “tire busters,” those holes...

rubbering in

rubbering in  n.— «Tires were taken to the speedway for the race that Grant said were identical to the setup that was tested, and Pemberton said Friday’s practice session went normally. But it became apparent Saturday that the abrasive...

Sierra cement

Sierra cement  n.— «The only vehicles allowed were gravel trucks and graders working to remove what is known as “Sierra cement,” the type of thick, clumpy snow that can play havoc with tire treads and drivers’ nerves.» —“Many Without...


 v.— «’67 PLYM Fury…belted tires, smogged, $895.» —“Autos For Sale” in classifieds Press-Telegram (Long Beach, California) Sept. 15, 1972. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)