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Luscious Eclipse Description

For a luscious description of exactly what you will see during a total solar eclipse, check out Dan McGlaun’s site, Eclipse 2017. This is part of a complete episode.

Six and Eight

A San Diego, California, listener recalls that when asked “How’s it going?” his father would often respond “same old six and eight.” It may be a variation of the British expression “same old seven and six,”...

Foot the Bill

We say we “foot the bill” when we pay for something simply because when you’re totalling up figures on an account ledger, the total comes at the bottom of the sheet— or, the foot. This is part of a complete episode.


Brian Stark, who calls himself the States Runner, has crossed 31 states on foot. He phones from Arizona to discuss the funny ways people in different regions give directions when he’s lost. A West Virginian once told him his destination was...

Lex in Law and Language

David, a lawyer from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, subscribes to the Lexis Legal News Brief, and wonders about the connection between lex meaning “law,” and the lex which refers to “words.” While lexis refers to the total stock of...

You Did It!

Happy new year and welcome to another A Way with Words newsletter! As you might have guessed by the subject line, you helped the show reach its fundraising goal of $25,000 — and you beat it! Thank you so much for your generosity and your vote of...

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