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The One-Finger Salute

What do English bowmen, the French, and lopped-off digits have to do with the classic middle-finger insult? Absolutely nothing. A San Diego truck driver wonders about the true origin of the one-finger salute. There’s a great debunking of the...

tanker yanker

tanker yanker  n.— «The next day, company tanker truck drivers or “tanker yankers” line up their vehicles, preparing for a five-hour run to supply fuel to Camp Webster, near the town of Al-Asad.» —“Risk &...

tanker yanker

tanker yanker
 n.— «Aka “Slick,” The Tanker Yanker from Leamen.» —“Re: where do truckers access Internet??” by Ryan Usenet: misc.transport.trucking Nov. 28, 1995. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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