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A bollard is a post that helps guide traffic. It probably derives from the Middle English word bole, meaning “tree trunk.” This is part of a complete episode.


Do you have junk in your frunk? As in, the front trunk, found on cars like a zippy Tesla. This is part of a complete episode.


In Michigan, tourists are called trunk-slammers for how often they slam their trunk unpacking and repacking over the course of a weekend trip. This is part of a complete episode.

pencil top

pencil top  n.— «Most commercial companies over-prune palms leaving fronds with a V-shape referred to as a “hurricane cut.” Constant removal of these leaves will result in a condition referred to as “pencil top”...

trunk manuscript

trunk manuscript  n.— «This was what she lovingly refers to as her “trunk manuscript” where you “get out all the crap and put it under your bed.” The manuscript may not go anywhere, but it’s the exercise of writing it that matters most...

feller buncher

feller buncher  n.— «Along a 9.5-mile corridor between Buchanan and Millwood, a team of contractors was busy removing oaks, birches and other trees to create a quarter-mile clearing. In one clearing, a feller buncher—a kind of bulldozer...