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Episode 1543

Goody Two-Shoes

She sells seashells by the seashore. Who is the she in this tongue twister? Some claim it’s the young Mary Anning, who went on to become a famous 19th-century British paleontologist. Dubious perhaps, but the story of her rise from seaside...

Alternatives for Doughnut

The Dictionary of American Regional English offers these alternative words for doughnut: friedcake, twister, floater, sinker, finger, and chokerhole. This is part of a complete episode.

finé del capo

finé del capo  n.— «I preferred Knoebels’ Twister, with its banging 101-foot split-lift hill (it climbs in two stages), and terrifying finé del capos (head-choppers, or low-hanging beams)? It’s a gut-wrenching coaster.» —“A Good Old...

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