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Twitter Pangrams

Pangrams, or statements that include every letter of the alphabet, are collected on Twitter at @PangramTweets, and include such colorful lines as, “I always feel like the clerk at the liquor store is judging me when she has to get a moving box...

Pangram Tweets

The disgruntled consumer who tweeted “My ‘prize’ in my Cracker Jack box…whoever does quality control needs to get fired” accidentally did something miraculous. This message includes all 26 letters of the alphabet...

Pope Tweets in Latin

The Pope tweets in Latin! As it turns out, Latin is such an efficient language that it can compress a lot into 140 characters. This is part of a complete episode.

Anagram Tweet

From the Twitter feed of @anagramatron comes this apt pair of anagrams: Annoying kids all around me anagrams to I sound like an angry old man. This is part of a complete episode.

Yiddish Project

The Yiddish Project on Twitter translates Yiddish proverbs into English, such as, “Ask advice from everyone but act with your own mind.” It’s not far from Martha’s favorite advice from her North Carolina-born father:...