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güey n. a dude, guy, buddy, buster, cabrón, cuate; orig. chump, punk, idiot, fool. Editorial Note: This term is usually said to be a form of buey ‘ox’ or, in Mexico, ‘idiot.’ Often used vocatively as a salutation or interjection. Like...


pocho n. an Americanized person or thing of Mexican origin, including Americanized Mexican Spanish. Also adj. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


pocho  n.— «Pochismo, derived from pocho, an adjective which originally meant discolored, has now come to mean a type of popular slang in Mexico. In the evergrowing list of pocho expressions are many hybrid words, artificial combinations...


pocho  n.— «Hey, Gringo—Hey, Pocho…Tonight, it’s Nielsen’s scenes with Ricardo Montalban…playing a Mexican-American actor.» —“‘Name of Game’ Episode Set in Cuba” Mansfield Journal (Ohio) Oct. 30, 1970...


pocho  n.— «Pocho is a derogatory term that Mexicans use to denigrate Mexican-Americans who put on gringo airs, and the article described the cultural trauma that Lopez faced as a young man when he tried to return to Mexico after attending...


young-old n. older adults who lead active lives contrary to stereotypes of diminished abilities. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)