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Skid Row

Why do we call a run-down area skid row? Here’s a picture of a skid road from Out West, vol. 19, ed. Charles F. Lummis, 1902, Out West Company, Los Angeles This is part of a complete episode.


REO  n.— «R.E.O. is industry lingo for “Real Estate Owned,” the term that bankers assign to homes they have taken in a foreclosure. Reomac is the industry group that serves the mortgage default trade, specializing in selling the busted-up...


greyfield  n.— «Dead malls, referred to as “greyfields” in the New Urbanist community, are formally defined as failing malls with sales less than $150 per square foot, according to the non-profit Congress for New Urbanism (CNU)...

reborn renter

reborn renter  n.— «In addition to prospective buyers who are waiting it out, there also is the “reborn renter,” a term used to describe people who have lost their house to foreclosure and are now back on the rental market...

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