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yips n. nervousness which interferes with precision playing, especially in golf; a case of nerves; the jitters. Editorial Note: Usu. with the definite article: the yips. Etymological Note: Golfer Sam Snead has been credited with coining this word...


Portunol n. a mixture of the Spanish and Portuguese languages, usu. spoken. Also Portunhol, Portuñol. Etymological Note: Sp. Portugués or Port. Portuguese + Sp. Español or Port. Espanhol (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


flyero n. a person who distributes handbills or fliers, usu. a Spanish-speaker. Editorial Note: This term appears to be specific to Santa Ana, Calif. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


retcon v. to retroactively revise (a plot, storyline, character, event, history, etc.), usu. by reinterpreting past events, or by theorizing how the present would be different if past events had not happened or had happened differently. Also n...

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