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Episode 1365

Bump and Grind

Remember a few years ago when Amazon introduced that mysterious device called a Kindle? People worried that electronic readers would replace traditional books. Turns out the death of the hardcover was greatly exaggerated. Also, the expression...

Misusing Per Se

Latin phrases are commonly misused, but there’s perhaps no better example than Vampire Butters’ butchering of per se, which simply means “in itself,” in this episode of South Park. This is part of a complete episode.

Noctivagant Vespertilians

Noctivagant people are those who wander the night, and vespertilian folks have bat-like qualities. Add these to “shirtless” as poignant ways to describe a vampire. This is part of a complete episode.

Tom Swifty Game

Quiz Guy John Chaneski has a game featuring “Tom Swifties,” those sentences that include a self-referentially funny adverb, such this one: “’Ow! You guys really know how to hurt a vampire,’ Tom said _____________.” This is part of a...

vampire bite

vampire bite  n.— «The neck piercing is usually done off to one side of the neck and most commonly referred to as “vampire bites.” These are done with a surface bar and if done correctly, have a lower rate of rejection. When the piercing...

bottle episode

bottle episode  n.— «Even though they are moving, for large stretches “Spiral” is a bottle episode.…They are in the Winnebago, or the gas station, and it is a contained story.» —by Roz Kaveney Reading the...