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Episode 1590

Primary Colors

Centuries ago, monks who took a vow of silence developed their own hand signs, with hundreds of gestures, that are still in use today. Plus, how do speakers of different languages distinguish similar shades and tints of colors such as red, yellow...

Episode 1420

Pickle Seeder

Would you rather live in a world with no adjectives … or no verbs — and why? Also, who in the world is that director Alan Smithee [SMITH-ee] who made decades’ of crummy films? Turns out that if a movie director has his work wrested away...

Mickey Morenyou

In the same vein as Billy Badass and Ricky Rescue, most people have dealt with a Mickey Morenyou. He’s that guy who walks onto your turf and still seems to believe he knows more than you. This is part of a complete episode.

College Slang Party

Ever been to an ABC party? How about a darty? The hosts discuss these and other slang terms heard around campus. They also talk about mulligrubs and collywobbles, take a shot at a puzzle for celebrity couples, potions that make childbirth a...

jet leg

jet leg  n.— «It’s not what’s commonly called “jet leg” and what doctors call deep vein thrombosis (DVT), but its uncomfortable all the same.» —“This is your captain speaking: pull your socks up” EarthTimes...