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Keith in Valparaiso, Indiana, wonders why his mother uses the term icebox for what other people call a refrigerator. Before electric refrigeration, people kept food cold by putting it in a an insulated box that was literally cooled with a block of...

Snow Bones

According to Robert Macfarlane’s book Landmarks, long, thin patches of snow that have not yet melted are called snow bones. This is part of a complete episode.

Onion Snow

In parts of Pennsylvania, a late-spring dusting of light snow is called onion snow. It’s a reference to the way little green onion shoots are poking through the white. This is part of a complete episode.

frozen chicken head

frozen chicken head  n.— «Hard ski surfaces come in many forms, from “boilerplate” or “bulletproof” after a January thaw/freeze (Vermont natives like to say the snow “toightened up” after the thaw) to...