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Shank Weapon

A prison employee wants to know about the term shank, that name for sharp weapons made with toothbrushes and pieces of metal. It derives from shank in the sense of the type of animal bone historically used in weapon making. This is part of a...

Can You Brandish a Body Part?

We usually brandish a weapon, or some object we can wave about. But the definition of brandish can be stretched to include more figurative types of weapons or objects (e.g. seductive body parts). This is part of a complete episode.


harvester  n.— «Four or five men in tracksuits got out and opened their car boots. They pulled out belt-fed BKC machineguns, a weapon known in Iraq as “the harvester” for its ability to kill lots of people quickly.» —“I saw boys...


rat-tail  n.— «Dayton public schools prohibit hard combs with long, sharp handles commonly called “rat-tails” because they can be used as a weapon in fights.» —“Student suspended for bringing comb to class” by...

bullets and beans

bullets and beans n.pl. the weapons, munitions, equipment, and supplies of a military; materiel. Editorial Note: See the cites for variations, which are usually alliterative. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

cuff and stuff

cuff and stuff  v.— «A weapon from one of the Somalis falls to the ground and is kicked away by one of the MPs. Both Somalis are handcuffed and taken away. “Cuffed and stuffed” as one of the Marines says.» —“On a rooftop...

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