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Podcasting and Netcasts

The word podcasting is commonly used to refer to making podcasts, but it’s also used by some as the verb for listening to, downloading, or listening to podcasts. The language around podcasts has always been tricky since the format was released...

Subscribing to an Idea

Is subscribing just for magazines and podcasts, or can you subscribe to an idea? A husband and wife disagree over whether the latter is grammatically correct. This is part of a complete episode.

Squeejawed Red-heads and the Estival Festival

Welcome to another newsletter from A Way with Words! This week we kicked off our online-only summer minicasts. There are *two,* one announcing the minicasts and explaining the term "estival," and another digging into the brilliant...

Points on a Compass, the Saga Continues (minicast)

Remember Tom, the guy who’s still trying to recall a word he insists he learned long ago meaning “the points on a compass”? That call generated a boatload of proposed answers from listeners. But one response stood out above all the...

The Blue Bark Mystery (minicast)

A caller asks a delicate question about the phrase “blue bark shipment,” a term involving the transport of deceased members of the military. Martha and Grant discuss this puzzling expression and the challenge of tracking down its...

This Week or Next? (minicast)

The Pod Couple—also known as Martha and Grant—consider just when is “next week” or “this Monday” anyway? A husband and wife with a long running dispute turn to Martha and Grant for help.

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