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Bold-Faced vs. Bald-Faced

A Carlsbad, California, couple has a running debate over whether an egregious whopper is correctly called a bold-faced lie or a bald-faced lie. This is part of a complete episode.


Martha and Grant discuss squeejawed and other strange terms that mean “crooked,” or “askew,” including slanchwise, whompy-jawed, whopper-jawed, antigogglin’, sigogglin, and catawampus. This is part of a complete episode.


whopper  n.— «That dialogue is one of the elements that makes Under the Mud so fresh. Street lingo positively trips off the tongues of the characters. Idiotic males are variously termed “beauts’”blerts’”quilts” or...


Latrino  n.— «The average Negro scores higher than about 16 percent of the White population. Then there’s the Latrinos.» —“Re: Whopper of the Week: Race is ‘Cultural’” by Duncan R. MacMillan Usenet: alt.politics...