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kegler  n.— «DeWitt Riess, another good kegler, was not up to standard. His three-game score of 455 was not anywhere near what he is capable of doing.» —“Rotarians Not At Their Best In Wire Tourney” Sheboygan Press...


alambrista n. an illegal immigrant who crosses into the U.S. via its border with Mexico. Etymological Note: Spanish alambrista ‘tightrope walker’ = ‘wire crosser’ (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


writethru  n.— «In wire service parlance, a “writethru” is a new version of an existing news story that updates, clarifies, adds context and corrects mistakes of fact or syntax, even down to the lowly comma.» —“Writing...


trashcanistan  n.— «Outside the wire surrounding their bases, soldiers jokingly trade names for their temporary home: Trashcanistan, Asscrackistan.» —“Letter from Afghanistan” by Scott Baldauf The Nation (New York...