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Get Your Nickels Together for a Jitney Supper

Anagrams, rebuses, cryptograms — Martha and Grant swap stories about the games that first made them realize that playing with words and letters can be fun. Also this week, what’s a jitney supper and where do you eat graveyard stew? The hosts...

Scrambled Scrabble and Hot Dogs

Hi! Last week, we discussed “jabronies,” “winklehawks,” “motherwit,” “purfling,” and a handy new way to say “not my problem.” We also pondered why people call their biceps...

Favorite Scrabble Words

Need a Scrabble word with q or z? Grant shares some of his favorite legal Scrabble words: qi (the circulating life force in Chinese philosophy), qat (a leaf chewed in some cultures for stimulating effects), and za (a shortening of the word...


A woman in Gainesville, Florida, says her father and his partner have an ongoing Scrabble feud over rebeheaded. Is it a word? This is part of a complete episode.

Family Scrabble Rules

Some families have their own idiosyncratic rules for Scrabble. Grant talks about the rules in his house. This is part of a complete episode.

Online Crossword Help

Grant shares online sites that can help you solve a difficult crossword puzzle or anagram words to help you get the highest scores in Scrabble. WordNavigator and Wordsmith.org’s anagram server. This is part of a complete episode.

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