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Etymology of Google

Before the search engine Google, there was the word googol. As mathematician Edward Kasner recounts in his book Mathematics and the Imagination, he asked his 9-year-old nephew Milton to coin a word for a huge number, specifically 10 to the 100th...


 n.—Gloss: A needle exchange program. «Liverpool did not have the world’s first needlex.» —“Needle Exchange in the USA” by Maias Metafilter Aug. 16, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


triple  n.— «Who is Bill Clinton’s wife? What’s the capital city of Oregon? What is Britney Spears’ mother’s name? The answers to these and other factual questions are now displayed above natural search results in Google and the...


squircle  v.—Gloss: To make a square photograph of a round object. Note: There is a Flickr group of such photos. «This must be photographed quite a bit, but i do wonder if it has been squircled.» —by...

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