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 n.— «Thiefrow airport has got a terrible reputation. If anything is stolen from your suitcase, and you passed through London, you can bet it got nicked at Thiefrow. I once saw a TV programme where hidden cameras filmed Thiefrow baggage handlers opening any suitcase they fancied and stealing anything they wanted.» —“Gang steals 1.75 mil pounds from Heathrow Airport” by ironsword Japan Today Feb. 7, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • Feels like a mid-seventies word to me, but the only printed sighting I have to hand is on the blurb of ‘Fiddle City’ by Dan Kavanagh (=Julian Barnes’ pen-name for his detective stories). Published 1981 – blurb starts with ‘It’s hot stuff at Heathrow – Thiefrow, and customs men are hot on the trail.’

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