n.— «Groups of UAW members were stationed at several points along the busy road, including directly across from the new casino, a gaming site that some dealers said would be costing them tips—or as they call them tokes—in coming months. “About 80 percent of what I make comes from tokes,” said Billy Shea, a Foxwoods dealer for 16 years. “By splitting the tokes, dealers will be making less. And all the casino’s done is pay lip service to our concerns.”» —“Foxwoods dealers picket on Route 2″ by John Penney Norwich Bulletin (Connecticut) May 18, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. John says:

    A “toke” is also slang for taling a drag off of a marijuana cigarette. Um … or so they tell me.

  2. jim e says:

    toke = hitting a joint, aka spliff, etc., circa mid 1960’s, usa, also referenced in a song by brewer and shipley, ” one toke over the line “.

  3. Let me just say to you both: no shit. That’s a different meaning of toke not referenced here. It’s a meaning of toke that’s in every slang dictionary and every mainstream American dictionary. So what’s the relevance here? None whatsoever. Why bring it up?

  4. jim e says:

    excuuuuuse me, grant, i read lotsa stuff from other countries i never knew, are you so incredibly sure that our u.s. slang is so well known?
    ” no shit “
    crawl off yer high horse, n go hit a doob, budro, ya got issues……

  5. Jim, sorry, yes. The international visitors indeed may not know. It was late and I grow weary of drive-by commenters who drop obvious unrelated comments into places where they don’t belong.

  6. John says:

    It was a joke… just my way of saying “hi!” Great site, by the way … I’ll probably be posting from time to time when newer catchphrases hit the real estate scene. I like sharing the older but more esoteric ones too. In the real world I’m always surprised when I’m working and encounter a real property professional who doesn’t know what the “churn” is, for example. Yo guys have a cool site, and my apologies if I disrupted the protocal…

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