n.— «The “tranzies,” as they’re called, are internationalists, and socialists to boot: their guiding light is the UN, which they believe should rule the world (in a power-sharing arrangement with the NGOs, of course).» —“Vive La France!” by Justin Raimondo Nov. 9, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. I first became aware of this term today. An rather good explaination appeared the Epilogue of a rather good book:
    “Yellow eyes = (Ojos amarillos : la defensa de Panama)” by John Ringo & Tom Kratman. It explains in great detail who the Tranzies are, where they came from (communists and socialists disappointed by the collapse of their dream form of government, where the elite get to select themselves), what they want(World Domination with them in charge and elimination of all Nationalism-especially the USA,) and where they are(Europe, The East Coast and West Coast liberal enclives). They are internationalists of the worst stripe. They plan of succeeding by eliminating all National Armies, Governments, any possible demrocacies, and anthing that migh Stand in their way. Non-governmental organizations like all the UN Agencies, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, extreme leftist democrats, extreme enviromentialists, PETA, and the like. Basically all those people who know better than you do how to: spend your money, protect the planet, live your life, decide what you deserve, what rights you have(if any,)how many children you can have, where you can live, what job you can do, how much you make, how much you get to keep.
    Nice huh?

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