n.— «My pal, who works in television, also introduced me to a new word: “trend-humping,” a term used to describe the unthinking and instinctive frenzy to exploit a rising social trend in one’s coverage.» —“It’s all about the crud” by Rod Dreher Beliefnet Feb. 12, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Jay Vrai says:

    Re/ trend-humping:
    This word was pre-empted 30 years
    ago by the word “trendmongering”
    that is the present participle of
    “trendmonger”. The word “trend-
    humping” isn’t actually necessary
    and should be eliminated.
    -Word Wizard.

  2. Rubbish and hooey. In the first place, the words mean different things. In the second, synonyms have a valuable place in the English language. In the third, attempting to banish words from English is a futile act.

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