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trucker bomb

trucker bomb n. a roadside bottle (or other small container) filled with urine. Also torpedo. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • A web site called http://WWW.TRUCKER-P.COM/TRUCKER.HTM addresses the problem of truckers urinating directly into gallon plastic bottles while driving at speed on our highways and then improperly disposing of the bottles at rest stops or just tossing them out of truck widows.

    Airline pilots use these systems as they have to sit in their seats for hours without the opportunity to go to the toilet.  They don’t have the choice of waiting for a upcoming rest stop.

    The whole TRUCKER-P concept is based on hospital proven devices: male condom catheters, lengths of tubing , connectors and urine holding bags of various sizes.

    The danger for the truck driver peeing in a plastic bottle, after having pulled his pants down to reach his penis and stuff it in the bottle opening, while running down the road at 60 MPH, is eliminated.  Using TRUCKER-P equipment, the truck driver would attach a male condom catheter before starting out so this is already in place when he wants to urinate.  The catheter is attached to a latex tube that runs down into a large holding bag on the floor.  The whole thing is convenient, easy and minimizes a potentially dangerous situation.

    As the holding bag costs about $10.00, the driver will not be pitching the bag, as he would an old used gallon milk bottle, out the truck window.  One bit of magic here would be for the trucking companies to get involved before the government passes some laws no one really wants. I think this whole problem could be solved by the trucking companies who have the power to change the drivers habits.

  • The problem is in the HOS rules. Truckers only have 14 hours to complete an 11 hour drive day. It can take thirty minutes or more to pull off the interstate and pee. That time is lost, along with the income generated by rolling those wheels. Truckers are not paid on a clock and there is no minimum wage or overtime pay. If the trucks not rolling, the trucker is losing money.

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