vein brother
 n.Gloss: a man with whom you get high on injected drugs, especially if you share a needle. «But nothing in their records, or in their daily appearances around the neighborhood, could foretell what became the macabre final chapter of a bond reminiscent of the days when Hell’s Kitchen was known more for its drugs and robberies than its fashionable bistros and high-rises. Neighbors described them as “vein brothers,” addicts who use intravenous drugs.» —“In Corpse Episode, Echoes of a Grittier Time” by Christine Hauser New York Times Jan. 10, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Whom is more humanizing, but all style books confirm that “which” is acceptable.

    The reason for the disconnect between the cite above and my definition is that I did research on the term to confirm its meaning. One use of a term isn’t enough to develop a true sense of how a word is most often used or what meaning is most often intended.

  2. thanks so much for answering both my concerns. in future i’ll assume the definition you provide represents your determination of the MOST FREQUENT meaning or use of the term, based on far more background research than one quotation, or even several, can represent … correct? and so you do not make it a practice to list more than one definition, the way dictionaries often do, including less frequest uses/menaings, with a quotation to clarify less frequent meanings where needed? in other words, it’s as if you’re skipping the listing of less frequent meanings and simply offering quotations that may include them?

    just seeking clarification.

    again, thanks!!

  3. the quotation provided here does not seem to define the term in the same way as the definition in today’s email. i’m confused… in the article quoted it simply seems to mean a “brother”, i.e. person, who uses intravenous drugs, whereas today’s email definition says it means one WITH WHOM one uses drugs.

    note; the use of “which” in the email definition is incorrect. it should be WITH WHOM, not WITH WHICH.

    thanks for all your great work. i’m enjoying my new subscription!!

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