n.— «Fallon, for example, is launching a microsite today for its Garmin campaign. The site will have an extended 60-second version of the ad, a 2 ½-minute music video based on the ad, lyrics to the music video and the guitar notes to play it. There’s also a facility to encourage what’s called the “virability” of the ad—an icon to click on and send the ad to a friend.» —“The ad game continues to evolve” by Gregory A. Patterson Star Tribune (Minneapolis, Minnesota) Feb. 2, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Veri Tas says:

    I work for a large marketing organization in NYC and we use the word “virability” a lot. The most common usage is to indicate the degree to which various marketing tools have a bias toward propagation via word of mouth, email, clicks and such. Use of the word in our halls and meetings began slowly about 4 years ago. Now we have in house “Virability Gurus” who seem to have created a new specialty area.

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